Thursday, March 29, 2012

Siding Update

First we would like to thank Rachel for her comment regarding the siding color in our previous post and pointing us to another blog where the real issue was posted. We visted that blog and that siding was really pinkish. We went back to the SR and we did quite a bit of research for the past two days. We infact carried the siding sample with us to compare the sample with the siding on the houses which had "Autumn Beige". We confirmed that the "Autumn Beige" siding provided in our community does not have the pink undertone. So we have decided to stay with "Autumn Beige".

We are happy that we did the research to make sure that we made the right decision. This wouldn't have been possible without our e-family members especially Rachel.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


No sign of permit yet. Today we got a call from SR suggesting that we flip the waverly plan which will result in fewer stairs to the first floor from the garage. Currently, we have chosen the standard plan (Garage to your RHS while facing the house) and we have decided to stick with it. We don't want any further delay to the permit due to changes. We are hoping to hear something positive regarding the permit this week.

Also, we changed our siding color from "Classic Cream" to "Autum Beige". We felt that "Autum Beige" compliments the "Savvanah Moss" brick that we have chosen. SR mentioned this change would not affect the permit in anyway.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Final Addendums.......I can see construction happening..!

Finally, Final Addendums were signed off. Our SR has informed us that the permit should be done in next few days and construction will start within next two weeks. Even though it has been 8 weeks since we wrote the contract, the excitement and waiting have made us feel longer than that.

From now onwards its only updates and experience sharing. We are thankful to everyone who have shared all their experiences and look forward to hear the same.

We are happy with all the selections that we have made and can’t wait to see them put to use.