Tuesday, March 27, 2012


No sign of permit yet. Today we got a call from SR suggesting that we flip the waverly plan which will result in fewer stairs to the first floor from the garage. Currently, we have chosen the standard plan (Garage to your RHS while facing the house) and we have decided to stick with it. We don't want any further delay to the permit due to changes. We are hoping to hear something positive regarding the permit this week.

Also, we changed our siding color from "Classic Cream" to "Autum Beige". We felt that "Autum Beige" compliments the "Savvanah Moss" brick that we have chosen. SR mentioned this change would not affect the permit in anyway.


  1. Have you seen any houses yet with Autumn Beige? I only ask because it was the original color that we chose. I loved the sample! However, when we went to see houses with the Autumn Beige, I quickly changed my mind. It has a fleshy undertone, very pink. It looked nothing like the sample to me. We had seen it on a smaller house and still liked it. Then we saw it on two larger houses that were only siding, and that's when it was just too pink for my taste.

    Here's what happened with another blogger who had no choice but Autumn Beige: http://dillonhome.blogspot.com/2011/07/sowhat-do-you-think.html. Another person commented on her blog recently that they are currently trying to decide whether to pay to have their Autumn Beige siding replaced because the color doesn't look like the sample.

    However, if you've seen it and like it, great! I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that they sample and what it looks like on the home look very different.

  2. We wanted ours the opposite as well and then the SR came back with it looks better if your garage is on the opposite side of the main street approach, it seemed to make sense so we agreed.

    Were in VA too, what community are you building in?