Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guardian meeting, bathtub and the fireplace

Today, we met with the Guardian rep on site and decided on the locations for the COAX, Data, Phone, HDMI, and Central Vac ports. It took around 50 mins to cover all three floors. we have chosen 3 ports (2 cable and 1 data) in the  basement, 2 ports (cable + data) in the 2nd floor and 5 ports in the first floor (cable + 2 data + 2 phone). With the upgraded networking panel that we have chosen, we can interchange the phone and data ports. The networking panel will be placed in the mechanical area, behind the media room wall. We have also taken two media closets, one in the family room closet underneath the stairs and the other behind the media room wall, in the mechanical area. 

For the central vac system, we are getting 3 outlets in the 2nd floor, 4 outlets in the first floor and 2 outlets in the basement. The central vac unit will be installed in the garage. From what I have heard, there will be an outlet in the unit itself which we can use to vaccum the garage and cars. we wanted two hoses, but the package that we have taken comes with only one hose. We will probably buy another one separately after we close.

moving on to other updates....the HVAC installation and the electric wiring was happening full fledged at the house today. All cabling and plumbling work including the HVAC and Central vac should mostly be done by the end of this week or by Monday at the latest. The Fireplace and bath tubs were also installed today. It's a little slow this week, but I think that the construction pace will pick up starting next week again after the drywall installation. I will be a busy person again.

Visual Updates

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roofing and Windows

Since our last post, all framing has been completed except for the basement stairs and the family room stairs. Parts of these stairs were missed by RH in the last delivery. They have ordered the missing parts and we should be getting them soon.

All windows and doors, except for the basement exit door have been installed as well. The basement door installation is awaiting a pad that goes below the door, which seems to be missing as well. With the completion of roofing and shingles, we see the complete structure of the house now.

Today there were no construction activities. For this shorter week, plumbing, HVAC installation, Guardian wiring, and Electric Work is planned.

Visual Updates

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Lonely Fireplace walls

Fireplace along with the Great Wall (LOL)

House as seen from the media room corner

The Garage's grand entrance

Another view of the Great Wall

Open Second Floor

Family room as seen from the Master Bed

Windows awaiting installation

Second floor bedroom framing as seen from the family room

Stair opening as seen from the second floor

Open Foyer

Master bedroom windows

Morning Room and Basement from second floor

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Framing Continued....

The second floor framing has begun today and the windows have arrived..pretty good progress inspite all the rain here today..the second floor framing is near completion..when I visited the site this evening, the first floor supporting studs were being removed...Below are some pics from last week .....

Basement Framing and Roofing

Second load of wood

Basement framing as seen from the corner of the media room towards the basement exit

Basement exit

Basement Roof with an opening for stairs

First Floor Framing

Taken from the back right corner of the house just beside the media room

Taken from near the basement exit

Taken from the front left corner of the house just beside the Living Room

Open First Floor

Living room seen from the Dining

Rest of the pics to come in the next post

Sunday, May 20, 2012


It is almost a week since my last post.... last weeks updates... Received our second and final batch of wood... So far, the basement and the first floor framing has been completed. This week the second floor framing and roofing will be done...Hoping to see a completely framed house by the end of this week...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lots of Wood and Framing

The wood was delivered on Friday.....It was a lot of wood...occupied the entire front yard!!....but from what I have seen in other waverly blogs, this still does not seem to be enough wood to finish the framing, but there's definitely enough to keep the framing work going for the next ten days or so

I also spoke to our PM and he mentioned that framing will continue till next weekend. When I visited the lot this evening, the framing work had started and they were mantling support beams...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A day's break and A day's work

There were no new developments yesterday due to weather conditions...reminds us again how small human beings are in front of mother nature...and yes forgot to mention that the grand dumpster arrived yesterday though!

Today the basement flooring has been beams and the first set of wood frames have arrived...framing work should start tomorrow....

Below are some pictures from day before yesterday when they completed the backfill and the basement floor prep work..