Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Framing Continued....

The second floor framing has begun today and the windows have arrived..pretty good progress inspite all the rain here today..the second floor framing is near completion..when I visited the site this evening, the first floor supporting studs were being removed...Below are some pics from last week .....

Basement Framing and Roofing

Second load of wood

Basement framing as seen from the corner of the media room towards the basement exit

Basement exit

Basement Roof with an opening for stairs

First Floor Framing

Taken from the back right corner of the house just beside the media room

Taken from near the basement exit

Taken from the front left corner of the house just beside the Living Room

Open First Floor

Living room seen from the Dining

Rest of the pics to come in the next post


  1. So exciting! Thanks for the pics. It's like getting a little preview of what's to come for us =)

  2. I am interested in seeing the stairs. Those look like they will be pretty cool!