Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guardian meeting, bathtub and the fireplace

Today, we met with the Guardian rep on site and decided on the locations for the COAX, Data, Phone, HDMI, and Central Vac ports. It took around 50 mins to cover all three floors. we have chosen 3 ports (2 cable and 1 data) in the  basement, 2 ports (cable + data) in the 2nd floor and 5 ports in the first floor (cable + 2 data + 2 phone). With the upgraded networking panel that we have chosen, we can interchange the phone and data ports. The networking panel will be placed in the mechanical area, behind the media room wall. We have also taken two media closets, one in the family room closet underneath the stairs and the other behind the media room wall, in the mechanical area. 

For the central vac system, we are getting 3 outlets in the 2nd floor, 4 outlets in the first floor and 2 outlets in the basement. The central vac unit will be installed in the garage. From what I have heard, there will be an outlet in the unit itself which we can use to vaccum the garage and cars. we wanted two hoses, but the package that we have taken comes with only one hose. We will probably buy another one separately after we close.

moving on to other updates....the HVAC installation and the electric wiring was happening full fledged at the house today. All cabling and plumbling work including the HVAC and Central vac should mostly be done by the end of this week or by Monday at the latest. The Fireplace and bath tubs were also installed today. It's a little slow this week, but I think that the construction pace will pick up starting next week again after the drywall installation. I will be a busy person again.

Visual Updates


  1. Drywall is so slow! After that, it really picks up with the trim, flooring, lighting, cabinets, etc. That's when it goes from looking like a house to starting to look like your home!

  2. It all coming together nicely, that sounds like quite a wiring package! --Ericka

  3. In our Waverly we have one media cabinet in the unfinished part of the basement (mechanical room). What made you get two media cabinets?
    Thanks, Mike

    1. We already have 2 home theater systems and we wanted to use both we took 2 media closets, one for the family and teh other for the media room in the basement....with 3 kids, the next 2-3 yrs, we will be spending most of our time in the family room where we'll need some entertainment..the media room in the basement will be my haeven where my wife won't and can't yell at me for being too noisy LOL...

    2. Makes sense...
      We are in our Waverly two years now, and I can tell you, it's wonderful. We're so glad we made this choice and I predict you'll be very happy in yours!

  4. If you have nothing else to do and want to see tons of Waverly pictures from start to finish, check out the website I made:

    Our blog is: