Monday, June 4, 2012

Missing Parts

last week's construction activities.....

Late last week, all the missing parts (stairs and basement door accessories) arrived ...the basement door and the family room & basement stairs were installed last week....The HVAC systems, both in the basement and in the attic were installed as well. The HVAC systems provide us with a 3 zoned heating and cooling system in the house... The HVAC in the attic will be used for the second floor zone and the one in the basement will be used for both the first floor zone and the basement floor zone...

The electricicans started work last week as well.....they have finished wiring the 2nd floor and have drawn wires in both the first floor and the basement. They are expected to complete their work by Monday.

The guardian cable guys seem to have slacked last week...we met with them last Thursday and they were supposed to have been close to completion tomorrow but they haven't started work yet for some big deal...They should probably be done by wednesday this week after which we will have a pre-dry wall meeting... insulation, inspection and drywall installation should happen this week. We are also expecting the brick and siding to go up...can't wait for the brick to go up this week!!

Visual Updates

The basement HVAC system

The Family room stairs

The Attic HVAC Ducts


  1. Good progress. It appears that they did a decent job of sealing the ducts up as well to help prevent air leakage.

    1. Coming from a 45-ish year old house, that was something I was looking for. They do a great job of caulking and sealing everything.

  2. Looking awesome! I can not really express how pysched I am about the zoned heating/cooling. Also after seeing your great pics, I've reached out to our PM and SR to see if we can get another basement window -- loving how they look on your place.

  3. Super jealous of your basement walk out! Good luck!