Monday, May 14, 2012

Lots of Wood and Framing

The wood was delivered on Friday.....It was a lot of wood...occupied the entire front yard!!....but from what I have seen in other waverly blogs, this still does not seem to be enough wood to finish the framing, but there's definitely enough to keep the framing work going for the next ten days or so

I also spoke to our PM and he mentioned that framing will continue till next weekend. When I visited the lot this evening, the framing work had started and they were mantling support beams...


  1. Super exciting! Do you all have a walk-out basement?

    1. Yes we do...there are 4 walk-out basement lots in our community..Ours and a lot beside us are the two walk-out basement lots with Waverly models. The other two lots are smaller lots and they are still in the market.