Thursday, May 10, 2012

A day's break and A day's work

There were no new developments yesterday due to weather conditions...reminds us again how small human beings are in front of mother nature...and yes forgot to mention that the grand dumpster arrived yesterday though!

Today the basement flooring has been beams and the first set of wood frames have arrived...framing work should start tomorrow....

Below are some pictures from day before yesterday when they completed the backfill and the basement floor prep work..


  1. Did you get extra basement windows? I count four there so far in the pictures.

    1. No..As a standard we just get one small window. The other three small windows that you counted are just window decoys..

  2. Since we broke ground March 1, they didn't pour our basement floor until we were under roof. It's interesting to watch how differently things happen due to geography and seasons. Still love your brick. It's gorgeous!