Thursday, May 3, 2012

Concrete and Concrete Walls

The day before yesterday they finished casting the basement wall. When I visited the lot yesterday late afternoon, the workers were watering the wall casts, the concrete pouring truck was being positioned, few others were finishing up some last min work. I also noticed that the county inspector was onsite making sure everything is being done according to county standards. they were still waiting for the concrete mixer so I couldn't wait any longer to witness the pouring of concrete...When I visited in the evening again, the concrete work had already been completed.

Today they were supposed to waterproof the walls. Looks like they didn't complete it and they have just removed the concrete casts...need to check with the PM tomorrow.

Below are some pics from yesterday and today..

The concrete opening that you see in the middle is where the service garage door will be.

Garage walls

The First window in our home. This will be part of the Exercise room.

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