Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pre-Construction Meeting - Update

We had our pre-construction meeting on Monday. We found some discrepencies in the RH documentation for selections that we had made. There were also a few decisions that we made during the meeting.

  • Brick Color
  • Cabinet Type in the Kitchen and all the baths
  • Fire Place stone type
  • fixtures type
Decisions Made
  • Move the small window in the basement located by the basement exit to the excercise room
  • Flood Light at the backyard to be loacated in the middle of the back wall.
  • Wet bar rough in the basement to be made in the morning room area.
Pleasant Surprises
  • Ours is a walkout basement lot and as per the PM, the rear wall upto first floor level will be brick wrapped. It kind of makes it look like a 4 sided brick house. Voo Hoo
  • The PM also mentioned that he will move the tankless water heat to the Garage. In case it needs any future repairs, it will be lot easier to get it done in the Garage compared to basement mechanical area. If it leaks by any chance (I know 99.9% it won't happen) we will see it right away and it would not flood the house.
In the end we walked the lot and expressed our interest in keeping as many trees as possible. Did I mention earlier that our lot has a lot of trees? There are quiet a few huge old trees. The PM has agreed to retain as many of them as possible and just remove dead branches if there are any. Hopefully all this should  be done by the 23rd and work should start from the 24th.


  1. I'm surprised you had so many discrepancies, but that is one of the main reasons for the pre-construction meeting so glad you found them.

    A word of warning on the tree situation. We had a lot of trees on our lot and they left several in our yard as a request similar to what you are talking about. Now, 10 months later we just had to pay to have all 4 large trees that were left in our lawn area removed. They had too much dirt piled over the roots when the grading was done and one of them had been hit with machinery and damaged near the base. Ryan would not pay anything to the removal since it is their policy to not warrant any trees - whether they are original to the property or part of their landscaping.

    Enjoy the building process and I hope you'll share pics along the way!

    1. Hi Shara,

      Thank you for letting us know about the tree situation. Other than the possibility of damage to the trees during the construction process (after which RH will not pay to remove trees), are there any other disadvantages to having trees in the lot? Any suggestions will be very helpful. We need to let them know by the 22nd if we want to remove more trees in the lot.

      Thanks again!!

    2. I think really the trees are just personal preference. I like having big mature trees in the yard - they provide privacy and shade. It also means raking leaves and limitations on future landscaping because you can't move a mature tree and some of them have very extensive root systems. If you can find out what type of trees are there, I think it would be worth your time to do some research on the pros/cons of that particular tree. has a tree guide or wikipedia will be able to give you a good summary on the tree to help make your decision.

    3. Most of the trees in our lot are either Pines or Oaks. 75-80% of the left over trees will be Oaks. Didn't find negative things about them. However, I am going to make an appointment with the local tree guys to get his opinion and an estimate for future removals.

  2. We had a few discrepancies too, specifically items that we changed/added after our initial selections meeting. Everything worked out fine in the end. Good luck with groundbreaking! It's a roller coaster ride from here!

  3. Do you mind me asking how much they charged for a wet bar rough-in? I look forward to following you on your journey! We are building an Avalon in La Plata, Maryland:

    1. Please send me an email..will reply to it.