Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stakes and Basement Hole

we had a meeting with our SR yesterday afternoon to discuss the layout of kitchen appliances because of change in county's building code. Our lot is very close to the model home and we decided to walk our lot after the meeting. There were two guys who were working on surveying the lot and marking the lot boundaries and house boundaries. They marked our lot while we were walking the lot and they showed us our boundaries. It was surprising to see our lot boundaries were bigger than we had thought.. we are happy.

When we asked them what their plan for the day was, they pointed us to a big bulldozer and said they were going to start the grading the lot and digging the basement.

visited the lot in the evening again and found that they had graded our lot and stakes were in.

Today's Photos..


  1. That first step feels great! Good luck! --Ericka

  2. Congrats on getting started! Enjoy the goes by so fast!