Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back in Business....:)

It's been a while since we posted. There have been lot of changes since our last post. We are less than 4 weeks away in getting our house keys.

  • Drywall cementing has been completed
  • Two coats of painting has been completed. The Crown molding has been painted white...the main door, patio door, service garage door and the basement door have been painted (Winestone) as well.
  •  The baseboard installation has been completed.
  • All trims and the pillars between the living room and the dining room and the ones between the master bed room and the sitting area have been installed.
  • The front porch, siding, pillars and shingles completed.
  • Cabinets (Cherry Spice) in the kitchen, the master bath and the secondary baths have been installed
  • Stairs railings have been installed.
    • Two spindles are missing in the foyer stair railings, closer to the second floor landing
  • Tiles have been installed in the Kitchen, Laundry, Laundry Closet and the Morning room.
  • Tiles and granite countertops have been installed in all baths - Master Bath, Secondary Bath, and the Basement bath.
  • Harwood installed in the main floor Powder room.
  • Fireplace stone done.
  • Electric fixtures installation has started
    • When we visited the other day the electricians were installing brushed nickel fixtures instead of oil rub bronze. We let RH know and they they are re-ordering the fixtures. Glad we were able to be there and stop further installation that would have wasted a whole day's work.
  • The Gaurdian guys have installed wall plates for all data/coax and the central vac connnection points.
  • Walkway done
  • Final grading was done today.
  • Extra brick flashings haven been removed.
  • Granite countertops in the Kitchen (Gialo Veniziano) have been installed.


  1. Seriously...PICTURES PLEASE!!

  2. 3rd cry for pics! :) Glad everything is moving along for you-

  3. That is progress! And yup, can't wait to see the pics ;)