Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On Demand

The Foyer stairs..

The master bed room with tray ceiling as seen from the sitting area...

The morning room tile installation in process. The morning room door to the deck has been painted..

The main entrance door.We love the color..

The master bath tiles..yet to be grouted..

The Old school version of "Do not enter"...

newly tiled morning room..

The Stone fire place.....We love the fireplace!!..We are the first ones to use this stone in our community and were a little anxious, but it has exceeded our expectations in the way it looks..

Foyer stairs..

The dining room as seen from the living room..

The master bedroom...

The basement door painted...same color as the main door...

The walkway and the front porch with the pillars.

The Main entrance..

For those who are interested..the closer view of the brick..

sitting area in the master bedroom

The family room stairs and baseboard installation in process

The Foyer window with Trim..We love the detail..:)

 Foyer stairs with two missing spindles on the left.
 Cherry spice cabinets in the kitchen

Another view of the foyer stairs... missing spindles..

brushed nickle electric fixtures installed in place of Oil rubbed bronze..This will be replaced with bronze
The Powder room pedastal sink and the toilet.

The stars (Recessed lighting) in the kitchen...

Do you see what I see....? All installed bulbs (except for the ones in the porch and the deck) are energy saving bulbs. That means one less thing to worry about after the closing.

Semi Finished kitchen with the granite..... the cabinets and granite really do compliment each other.

Another view of the granite..With FLASH

Another view of Granite with NO FLASH.

The Central-Vac connection point

Another brushed nickel electric feature....will be replaced with oil-rubbed bronze soon..

The basement full bath

The secondary bath with the new cabinets, granite, toilet, tiles and the accent tiles....!

MOEN...MOEN....MOEN...Love IT.

The Master bath...we changed the accent tiles in the last min...glad we did that!!

The master bath shower with the tiles and the accent tiles.

master bath.. shower and jetted tub....!

Love IT...

accent light in the front porch...

 electric fixture by the basement exit..

The service garage door along with the electric meter..The big hole that you see above the door is for the tankless water heater that is installed in the garage.


  1. Thanks for posting. Pics are awesome! Everything looks so fantastic.

  2. So So pretty!!! I love the brick color! What is the name of your brick? It also looks like your doors are a wine color, is that right?

    1. Thanks...You are absolutely right...The door and shutters color is Winestone and the brick name is Savannah Moss..

  3. I agree, your pictures are awesome! Everything looks perfect. I love your staircase and the stone fireplace.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Your selections complement each other so perfectly. I still love your brick! I am a little jealous that you got bronze shower curtain rods. Ours are chrome, even though we have bronze everything throughout the house.

    1. I think you can still check with your Ryan Home Service representative to see if it was suppose to be a bronze or not.

  5. Love everything! What is the name of your fireplace stone?

    1. PA Sierra or Pensylvania Sierra is the fireplace stone name..

  6. Stunning home! Love your choices, The Waverly is a lovely home. We are in Richmond area too!

    1. Good to know that one of our e-family member is from Richmond area. You should come visit us some time. We would love to show our house..

  7. It looks fantastic!! Great choices.

  8. Beautiful home!!! I love your selections! Your fireplace is awesome as well!

  9. Looks awesome! I love all of your flooring/cabinet/granite/exterior choices. I especially love the tile + accent in the master bedroom and the kitchen granite/cabinet combo.

  10. Gorgeous! Everything looks great! The Waverly is simply beautiful, one of my favorites!

  11. Your house looks amazing! That is the first morning room I have seen where the door is on the back wall instead of the side wall. I love the detail on your railing as well! We got the same cabinets but ours haven't been installed yet. I love seeing them!

    1. I guess you are right.. I don't remember seeing the morning room door on the back wall in any other models other than the waverly.

  12. All your choices are great..Looks amazing! I love the staircase railing!
    You can follow my blog
    namma is a kannada word?? i am from karnataka...! Good to see ur post.!

    1. You are right...Congratulations on your new house..

  13. I love the door color! It is all so beautiful. I'm a little jealous. :) Nice selections!

  14. Thanks everyone for all your comments.. Enjoy the blogging..

  15. Love your selection,will you please tell us the cabinet and granite color that u picked.